Year: 2020

Joseph Annamkutty Jose

motivation speaker

Joseph Annamkutty Jose was born on 18 July 1988. He is a Motivational speaker and Indian Writer known for his work ‘Buried Thoughts’ published by DC Books. He is working as a Radio Jockey in Radio Mirchi. He completed his B.Com degree from Christ University and MBA from SCMS Cochin School of Business.
He is operating as a Radio Jockey in Radio Mirchi. He completed his B.Com degree from Christ University and Master in Business Administration from SCMS fowl college of Business. He has been a blogger since school days. He has written several articles for numerous magazines.


Jose, as he’s fondly notable has already printed his biography and him simply a twenty-seven year old! A social media influencer and a virtual celebrity, he has concentrated thousands of views and drawn wide followers to his unrelentingly positive angle, psychological feature humble brags and diverse catchphrases like ‘I am the change’, ‘raise your voice’ through his YouTube videos. Jose talks regarding real-life problems, regarding creating mistakes and learning from them, regarding his childhood experiences and therefore the raw realities of being a true person.

December is going to be a great month for this humble champion who is already a superstar in the hearts of many young people. We love his motivation and random chit chat in Pinkarala. Good luck with him, when Joseph Annamkutty Jose steps onto the big screen, the short film ‘Ru Rukumbasara Secretam’ directed by John Pius was released on December 2.

if you have pain. convert your pain.every break up is a wake-up call!.after all its not break “DOWN”! its break” UP“!

joseph annakutty jose

Sujith Bhakthan

“Real beauty lies on the inside, it’s not about fatness or being thin,” Kerala vlogger Sujith Bhakthan says in a video with his wife Swetha. A heart-warming and rather jolly video from popular travel vlogger Sujith Bhakthan has been making the rounds on eternally fertile and entertaining Malayalam social media.

He had previously been the admin of Aanavandi Travel Blog. He later left it and started a new series of every day blogs and vlogs named Tech Travel Eat on youtube. It also has a parallel Facebook page with 500k followers and 500k subscribers. He also runs the Technology & Travel Blog from India which is a blog run by Tech Travel eat.

Sujith, the founder of Tech Travel Eat, the most popular travel vlog channel in Kerala is famous for his travel vlogs. With more than 6,00,000 social media followers, he is one of the most influential travel bloggers in Kerala, India.

Sujith Bhakthan began blogging in 2008 and has experience in the digital marketing industry for the last 10 years. His latest venture called ‘Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan’ promotes technology, travel and food videos in Malayalam and his videos are very much popular now.